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Come Together

This song started as John Lennon's attempt to write a song for Timothy Leary’s campaign for governor against Ronald Reagan. Leary’s campaign promptly ended when he was sent to prison for possession of marijuana.

Our take on the song  features Christian Taylor on vocals and drums.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash

According to the book Keith Richards, the line, "I was born in a crossfire hurricane," was written by Richards, and refers to his being born amid the bombing and air raid sirens of Dartford, England, in 1943 during World War II.

Back in the USSR

Written as a parody to Chuck Berry’s Back in the U.S.A. song and a tribute to the Beach Boys' sound, this tune was the opening track of the Beatles’ White Album released November 22, 1968.

Sister Golden Hair

This song was written by Gerry Beckley. He said it was inspired by Jackson Browne’s music. Released in 1975 (on America’s Heart album) it was the band’s second single to reach Number One on the
U.S. Hot 100.

Born to be Wild

Written by Mars Bonfire, this song was a monster hit for Steppenwolf in 1968.

A year later, it was used in the movie Easy Rider. When the movie was in production, "Born to Be Wild" was used simply as a placeholder, since Peter Fonda wanted Crosby, Stills and Nash to do the movie's soundtrack.

Eventually, it became clear that the song was
well-suited for the movie.
It stayed in.


This song by the Pure Prairie League was a hit in 1974.

Did you know that the artwork on the cover of their Bustin' Out album, featuring a trail-worn cowboy named Luke, was once a cover illustration for the Saturday Evening Post?

Another PPL trivia fact: Vince Gill once played in this band.


This song was one of the band’s first original songs (written by Rod Koon in 2008).  LIVE UNITED is the theme of United Way. 

Many of the band members work for United Way of Pierce County, and Rod is a former board member of that organization. 

Rod's daughter Jessie plays lead guitar on this song and Jay Thomas is on keyboards.

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Wagon Wheel

A demo of thesong was recorded by Bob Dylan during the Pat Garrett and Billy the Kidsessions in 1973. Although initially, it was never officially released, itspopularity grew organically through bootlegs and word of mouth.

Ketch Secor of Old Crow MedicineShow eventually wrote down some lyrics (to replace some of Bob’s mumbling).Although Secor and Dylan never met—they share co-writing credit for the song.

Dylanrecorded the chorus in 1973 and Secor added verses 25 years later. Old CrowMedicine Show's final version was certified platinum in 2013.

Darius Rucker’sversion of the song topped the country charts in 2014 and was certified tripleplatinum in March of that year.


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