The Possible Solutions

meet the band

Bob Connelly 
Vocals and percussion
Bob loves to add some vocal harmonies to the band's classic rock arrangements, but can't understand why they won't let him do a tambourine solo--probably a good thing. 

And he probably knows every Simon and Garfunkel tune there is.

Dan McFarland
Vocals and percussion
Dan grew up in Nebraska, and used to tend bar and sing the blues at the world-famous SideTrack Tavern in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dan brings lots of soul and blues to the band. His version of Sweet Home, Chicago will blow you away!

Pete Grignon
Bass guitar and vocals
A native of Tacoma, Washington, Pete is one of the original members of the Nik Tesla Band that still plays ‘60s and‘70s rock around  the Northwest. 

A big fan of Jimmy Buffett, you can watch Pete sing Volcano, Cheeseburger in Paradise, and other Buffett classics. 

Leilani Berinobis
Having spent many years on  stages performing professionally in musical theatre, Leilani is ecstatic to be able to check "sing in a band" off her bucket list. 

A big fan of Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Heart and numerous hair bands, her
goal is to get more of those songs on the band's play list.

Kord Taylor
Lead guitar and vocals
A man deeply rooted in his love of music, Kord has amazing talents and the ability to play creative lead guitar riffs for any song he hears.

His talents range from doing great vocals on classic rock tunes by Tom Petty and the Rolling Stones, to playing slide guitar on songs like Badfinger's classic tune No Matter What.

Rod Koon
Rhythm guitar and vocals 
A Tacoma native, Rod has been performing in the Puget Sound area for 40+ years.

He is also a songwriter and the band does a few of his tunes.

Rod is also a BIG Beatles fan, and his personalized license plate is LETITBE

Randy Michelson
Randy is the newest member of the band. He has many years of experience playing drums for lots of great bands, including X
and Y.

NOTE: This section is under construction.

Serni Solidarios
Serni has worked his keyboard magic at clubs, casinos, churches, and as a department store pianist, and more than 550 weddings--ranging from civic to gang leaders.

But he is perhaps best-known as a concert promoter and for playing the phone arranging shows with the likes of  Maroon 5, Macklemore, Beach Boys, Robin Williams, and even Pee Wee Herman. ​

Christian Taylor
Drums, guitar and vocals

Christian (Kord's son) was our band's drummer for many years. He started with us when he was just 10 years old and played with us through 2021. 

Now he's on "hiatus" from our band, pursuing his musical goals and dreams down in southern California. We have no doubt that you'll be hearing more about him--and his music--in the future.


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