The Possible Solutions

Bob Connelly 

(Vocals and percussion): Bob is a retired school district administrator who is enjoying his new career at United Way of Pierce County helping businesses with their annual giving campaigns. 

Musically, he loves to add some vocal harmonies to the band's classic rock arrangements, but can't understand why they won't let him do a tambourine solo--probably a good thing. 

And there's probably not a Simon and Garfunkel tune he doesn't know the lyrics to.

Christian Taylor

(Drums, guitar and vocals): Christian is the member of the band who keeps getting better and better. Although he's still in high school, he has musical passion, insights and creativity that can outshine rockers twice his age.

Some day all the members of our band will be saying, "Yes, we are proud to say Christian was a key member of our band 'back in the day.'"

Dan McFarland

(Vocals and percussion): Dan grew up in Nebraska, and used to tend bar and sing the blues at the world-famous SideTrack Tavern in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Dan brings lots of soul and blues to the band, along with a touch of Sam the Sham (and the Pharoahs).

His version of Sweet Home, Chicago will blow you away.

Pete Grignon

(Bass guitar and vocals): A native of Tacoma, Washington, Pete is one of the original members of the Nik Tesla Band, that still plays ‘60s and ‘70s rock throughout the Northwest.  Currently, Pete rocks on with The Possible Solutions and from time to time picking up some blues gigs with the Kari Ehli Band.  

A big fan of Jimmy Buffett, you can watch Pete perform Volcano, Cheeseburger in Paradise, and other Buffett classics. There is only one thing that Pete likes better than rock and roll music, and that’s maple bars (vegetarian maple bars, that is).

Leilani Berinobis

(Vocals): Leilani is ecstatic to be able to check "sing in a band" off her bucket list after spending numerous years on local and regional stages performing professionally in musical theatre. Singing with an orchestra isn't the same as singing with these rockin' dudes.

She grew up in the '80s, so her musical influences include Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, heart and numerous hair bands. she continues to pull her fellow bandmates (sometimes kicking and screaming) into doing more great '80s rock tunes. Rock on!

Kord Taylor

(Lead guitar, keyboards and vocals): A man deeply rooted in his love of music, Kord has amazing talents and the ability to play creative lead guitar riffs on songs he learned 10 seconds ago.

He can do lead vocals embodying the rocking grittiness of Tom Petty or the Rolling Stones, and then turn around to play soothing keyboard accompaniment to "Here Comes the Sun." 

When he and his son Christian dial up a jam on a Lep Zeppelin tune or some other rock classic, you feel like there's something magic happening on stage. And there is.

Rod Koon

(Rhythm guitar and vocals): Rod has been performing in the Tacoma area for more than 40 years--from Engine House #9 to Klinkerdagger’s--and lots more in between. He works at the Port of Tacoma. He's sort of a human jukebox and is pretty good at remembering (most of the) lyrics and chords to classic tunes from the '60s and more. 

He's also a BIG Beatles fan, and his license plate is LETITBE. His wife's plate is LETITGO--you figure that one out.

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